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Medical portable oxygen concentrator 5 lit oxygen capacity

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    سعر الوحدة: USD 450 / Set/Sets
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علامة تجاريةYikyui

فترة الضمان6 اشهر

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تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفMaster carton

إنتاجية10000 sets/month


مكان المنشأChina

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد10000 sets/month



الدفع نوعT/T,Money Gram,Western Union

IncotermFOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,CPT,CIP,Express Delivery

وصف المنتج

Medical portable oxygen concentrator for India sale

medical portable oxygen concentrator in stock for sale

5L 8L medical portable oxygen concentrator for India urgent order processing

Product Description

Model Number
YKXY-6 Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Purity
over 93% at 1-5L/min
Output presure
AC 220V+/-15V 50Hz 0.8A
Net weight
Continuous Flow Settings
Oxygen Flow
Oxygen Purity

Available For Two People Use
YKXY-6 model is medical standard oxygen machine.oxygen purity over 90% at all the oxygen flow 1L to 5L.
Suit for two people use at the same time .

Noice less than 45DB
The machine running noice is less than 45Db, won't interfere with normal life and sleep

Timing Function
It is convenient for the elderly to operate the machine set the inhale oxygen time by timing function.
No need to get up and turn off the machine after you go to bed.
Set the time from 15min to 150min.

Efficient Zeolite
good adsorption, fast oxygen production, high concentration long service life and high stability.
Seamless aluminum tube has higher tightness and longer service life.

Adopt copper oil-free compressor which can work stably 24 hours a day. Quiet and efficient.
Equipped with overheating protection device and spring shock absorption design, the com pressor service life is longer.

Details Images
Product applicable population

Special recommendation for following groups of potential consumers:

Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy. Old man’s vital capacity goes downhill quickly;
some vitals such as heart, brain, and kidney, liver will be gradually decline. Oxygen uptaking would make up oxygenic shortage that caused by Physical Function Decline and keep every organ in good condition, also prevent disease to keep healthy and defer senility.

White-collar women: skin care, maintenance skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status. Oxygen uptaking could relieve nervous and irritable emotion sub health, etc. Increasing energy, rise vitality. Recover and improve your heath from office syndrome, such as fatigability, feeling dizzy, losing appetite.

Pregnant women: this oxygen concentrator generator is beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development. Plenty of oxygen uptaking will help women promote or improve skin’s blood circulation, gear up to extract toxin and melanin to let your skin looks
nutritious and younger. Oxygen uptaking can help fetus get more oxygen in order to grow up healthily and become an “Oxygen Baby”, to have inherent advantages during the pregnant time.

Businessman: The oxygen concentrator generator relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing
sub-health status and improving work efficiency. Enhance physiological index, keep strong energetic and improve life quality or recovery.

Students: oxygen concentrator generator improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue. Our brain will use and take out 25% oxygen of whole body. When you study long time, you need oxygen uptaking in time and could help you improve ability of memory and study.

Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability.

Patients: This oxygen concentrator generator increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio - cerebral vascular/COPD&Cardiovasalar diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

Plateau tourism lovers: This oxygen concentrator generator Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau .

Scope of application: This oxygen concentrator generator is mainly used for generating health care use oxygen. Oxygen concentrator generator could enhance absorption of medicine and modify disease. Patients are most necessary people who need oxygen uptaking, especially for those who have Cardiopulmonary Diseases.

Oxygen uptaking can suspend illness to get worse, improve immune competence of pneogaster and our body. Oxygen uptaking can alleviate or remit shortness of breath, to make you are refreshing and active and improve quality of life. Keep long time oxygen therapy, it will be important in recovering of disease absolutely
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  • Medical portable oxygen concentrator 5 lit oxygen capacity
  • Medical portable oxygen concentrator 5 lit oxygen capacity
  • Medical portable oxygen concentrator 5 lit oxygen capacity
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